Kondo Operia SPs-2.7

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Kondo Operia SPs-2.7 loudspeaker cables with UTA Plug.

Length: 3 metre pair.

Connectors: Spade – Spade

Silver cable – a new discovery to music and sense
Silver is the center of our sound creation.
Sound of silver is the warmest. It can also express music with fully liveliness and sharpness.
In Audio Note, the most importance of using silver is to truly reproduce music.

Know-how of over 30 years about silver structure, refinement and processing.
KSL technologies, a special skill of quality materials pursuit, was added to further improve sound quality.

Our silver cable “AN-Vz” and “AN-SPz” which obtained highest praises from the audio fans around the world, were further evolved as “KSL-LP gas” and “KSL-SPz” with KSL technologies.
Manipulating cable’s fundamentally characteristics such as directivity, ageing was done skillfully like maturing wine. Rich bass stabilize the music foundation, strings are beautifully expressed with low midrange distortion.

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