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Nordost Qk1 + Qv2

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Nordost Qk1 AC Enhancer: €299
The QKOIL Qk1 is a passive device which introduces a field effect on the AC line, using a specially constructed resonator coil.
The QKOIL will bring a renewed sense of space, presence and life to your system, making it sound more natural and real.

Nordost Qv2 AC Line Harmonizer: €409
The QVIBE Qv2 brings a unique approach to the problem of AC quality.
It introduces a carefully calculated range of harmonic frequencies, clocked from the original 50/60Hz waveform, directly to the AC line.
The Qv2 will lower the noise floor, and increase the image depth and dimensionality of a system.

Customer response:
The system has received an enormous boost from the Qvibes.
It seems as if there is now better ( cleaner ) power driving the devices…
As if there is a dc blocker on the system now. Everything is more powerful, crystal clear and has much more content.  Today I put on some old CDs and they sound so incredibly beautiful. Of course the Valhalla cables and the Nordost AC Distribution QBASE mark II socket are now also in place and let’s not forget Kondo but the Qvibes have really opened up a better world of music sound and I heard an insane improvement from the start. If I soon have the whole group closed then it must sound even better and I am convinced of that….

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